What to do after your lesson!

So you’re finished with your  surf lesson  … Congratulations you are one step closer to becoming the professional surfer you always dreamt you’d be! But what to do next?


It is just as important to fuel your body after your lesson as it is to do so before. As I’m sure you aware surfing is an active sport that requires energy. Luckily for us San Diego is not shy of amazing restaurants, snack shops and health food stands. Here at Mission Beach Surfing School we LOVE our acaí bowls. An acaí bowl is a refreshing and nourishing source of energy perfect for a post-surf meal. Acaí berries promote heart health, aid in weight loss, promote skin and cellular health, and even helps with digestion. Acaí bowls can be topped with many additions such as fruit, granola, coconut shavings, peanut butter, and pretty much any other healthy addition you could think of. Acaí Roots Inc., is our favorite brand of acaí that is carried in many local shops such as Rum Jungle located close to our school.

  Stretch and Ice!

Stretching is another very important aspect of the surfing experience. Both before and after. While surfing you are using many muscle groups and one may feel sore especially after your first time out on the water. If something hurts, ice! Always a good call whether you wrap it, sit on it or even jump in an ice bath! But a word to the wise… if surfing if something you enjoy and want to continue doing, stretching should become part of your daily routine.

                                       Last but not least…

Schedule another lesson!

If you enjoyed your lesson which we hope you did, but still aren’t confident to go out on your own, go online or call us to schedule your next one! Or check out our neighboring surf schools in Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach!