Big Wave Surfers

Big Wave Surfers

Big wave surfing is no walk in the park… It requires the extreme. It requires the gene that defies danger. Big Wave Surfing has taken the lives of many of its warriors and continues to be one of the most dangerous sports in the world. Here we have listed some of our favorite big wave surfers and some of their accomplishments. Enjoy!


Laird Hamilton – Laird Hamilton, a name any surfer should be familiar with, was and still is truly one of a kind. Laird surfed the “Millennium Wave” (considered to be the heaviest wave of all time) in Teahupoo, Tahiti in 2000 and set a new stage for big wave surfers all over the world.


Garrett McNamara – Garrett made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for surfing the 78-foot wave in Nazaré, Portugal. Garrett McNamara had successfully broke the world record of Mike Parsons’, which at the time was a 77-foot wave at Cortes Bank in California in 2008.

Eddie Aikau – Eddie Aikau, a native Hawaiian, was not only recognized as a big wave surfer that charged at Waimea but also for his lifeguarding. A tournament was created in his name that many of the surfers on this list have competed in and won.

Shane Dorian – Shane was unstoppable force during his prime. He caught the largest wave on record at Waimea, another record breaker at Jaws, and even the biggest “paddle-in” wave in Portugal at Nazare. Shane also left his mark at Cortez Bank, Todos Santos, Mavericks and Teahupoo.

Greg Noll – Greg was known to many as “Da Bull” and was credited to being one of rthe stage setters on the North SHore of Oahu during his time.

Buzzy Trent – Buzzy Trent was another pioneer in the world of big wave surfing. He surfing alongside Greg Noll and was well known for charging a 20 foot wave at Mākaha.

Grant Baker – Known by many as Grant “Twiggy” Baker, this surfer was recently crowned Big Wave Tour Champion for the 2016/2017 Tour. This is the second Big Wave Tour that Twiggy has won. 



A few other names worth mentioning :

Jeff Rowley

Tom Carroll

Ross Clarke-Jones

Jamie O’Brien

Mark Foo

Jeremy Flores

Ken Bradshaw

Jeff Clark