Best surf schools in the US

January 12, 2023
Best Surf Schools in US

The US is one of the top surfing destinations with a variety of beaches that are suitable for all kinds of surfers. You will find dozens of surf schools in the country; however, picking the best one can be a little difficult, especially if you are new to the sport.

To make it easier, we have covered some of the top surf schools in the US. Let’s have a look:

Pacific Surf School

One of the most popular surf schools in the US, Pacific Surf offers everything from experienced and licensed instructors to trial classes. The school has several branches in San Diego at hotspots like Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Mission Beach, and Ocean Beach with plans to expand more.

San Diego Surf Lessons

Most people think of San Diego when they think of surfing, hence it doesn’t come as a surprise that another San Diego school makes it to this list. You will find customized plans at San Diego Surf Lessons and get a chance to learn in groups. Check the official site for more information.

Hawaii Surf Lessons

Hawaii Surf Lessons 101 is another top surf school in the US. It can be a great pick for locals and visitors as the school offers not just surf lessons but also surf tours.

Ocean Beach Surf School

Those who want more than basic surf lessons can choose Ocean Beach Surf School. It offers a variety of plans including Surf N Stay packages. It is suitable for all kinds of learners, including very young surfers as the school has highly experienced staff.

Los Angeles Surfing Lessons

Most people visit LA for parties and high life but if you are ever in town then consider checking the city’s happening beaches and excellent surf schools. One of our favorites is Los Angeles Surfing Lessons at Manhattan Beach with a variety of perks, including free equipment and personalized lessons.

Mission Beach Surf School is present around the country with branches in La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, and Ocean Beach. The school has won several accolades, including Trip Advisor’s “Travelers Choice Award”, and is open year round

Aloha Surfer Girls

Why should guys have all the fun? Aloha Surfer Girls caters to women and has been offering surf lessons since 1997. Located in San Diego, the school offers customized packages, overnight surf camps, and more. It has a professional team consisting of both men and women and some excellent reviews.

As the name suggests, Surf Camp San Diego is suitable for people interested in surf camping. You can have a good time with your loved ones while improving your surfing skills in a safe and professional environment. The school is known for being a one-stop solution to all things as it offers not just surf lessons but also yoga, massages, bike tours, stand up paddle boarding, and more.

Every Day Nicaragua

Though not in the US, Everyday Nicaragua deserves a mention as it welcomes international learners and is popular among US tourists who want to learn to surf while on a vacation. You can choose from a variety of packages, including monthly plans, with the option to buy excursions.

PB Surf School

PB Surf School offers surf lessons, Surf N’ Stay packages, and surf camps for people of all ages. You can get started without having to buy equipment as the school offers it all.

These were some of the best surf schools in the US. Check these out and pick your favorite.


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