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Enjoy Affordable Group Surf Lessons with Friends at Mission Beach Surfing School

Interested in learning to surf? Get enrolled in group surf lessons and start your journey today. Designed for people who want affordable surf lessons and a chance to mingle with others, group surf lessons offer more fun at a reduced price.

At Mission Beach Surfing School, we take group lessons very seriously and pay special attention to the number of participants in a group. Each group consists of 3-6 people. We try to assemble like-minded people to make group classes more fun and rewarding.

You will get a chance to know others, learn at your own pace, and be in a safe and secure environment. All our instructors are highly trained professionals with years of experience in the industry. They work closely with learners and ensure you get individual attention and answers to all your questions.

Our instructors are licensed and certified by relevant bodies. They have received training in safety and training, including CPR AIR training, LifeGuard training, and Water Safety Specialization training. Moreover, they have experience working with all kinds of learners and understand the needs of individuals. Whether you’re alone or with a friend, you will receive the care and attention that you need.

Explore Top Beaches and Activities with Group Surf Lessons in San Diego

Located in San Diego, our school has various branches at some of the most popular surf locations in San Diego, including La Jolla, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, and Pacific Beach, La Jolla. Visited by both locals and visitors, these are among the most popular beaches in San Diego offering more than just waves to surf.

You will find dozens of restaurants here, in addition to entertainment opportunities. Get in touch with us today to know more about our group lessons and why they might be the right fit for you.

You will begin your surf lesson with land instruction covering topics on

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one-on-one Surf Lesson. Perfect Option for the surfer that is looking for a tailored lesson to meet you Surf level needs.



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Perfect Option For smaller groups of 2-3 people



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Group surf lesson
with 4-5 people


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Our four lesson package was created for you to learn the basics of surfing and develop your surfing skills. Our instructors will teach you the fundamentals of surfing including how to paddle, pop-up and maintain balance while surfing. Advance from surfing the white wash to surfing the glassy part of a wave and learn proper surfing etiquette.​

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We have instructors on the beach teaching surf lessons every day of the week from Monday to Sunday.

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Surf Camp

Let your children have amazing new experiences, make new friends, create lasting memories and experiences.

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Stand Up Paddle

Stand up paddle board is a great alternative to surfing and boating for people of all ages.


Group surf lessons are shared surf lessons where multiple students learn together under the guidance of an instructor. They are a fun, social way to learn surfing, where you can enjoy the experience with other surf enthusiasts.

The number of people in a group surf lesson can vary, but typically, we try to maintain a small group size for effective learning. Our aim is to ensure quality instruction and sufficient attention to each student, so group sizes are usually no more than 5 students per instructor.

There are several benefits to taking a group surf lesson. Group lessons can be more affordable compared to private or semi-private lessons. Besides learning surfing skills, they also offer the chance to meet other surfing enthusiasts. Being in a group can also make learning fun as you cheer on each other’s progress, share tips, and learn from watching others.

A group surf lesson is where there are multiple students learning together, while a private surf lesson is a one-on-one session with an instructor. In a private lesson, you can enjoy undivided attention and instruction tailored to your own pace and ability, while group lessons offer a social atmosphere and the chance to learn with and from others.

Absolutely, group surf lessons are suitable for all skill levels. Each session will be adjusted to the overall skill level of the group with the goal of providing a rewarding and enjoyable experience for all participants.

The typical duration of a group surf lesson is 90 minutes. This provides ample time for land-based instruction, practice out on the water, and gaining plenty of wave riding experience.

Yes, all the necessary equipment, including a surfboard, wetsuit, UV Protection, Rash Guard, and Leash are included in the cost of a group surf lesson.

Our instructors take a multitude of safety measures during group surf lessons. All of our instructors are Red Cross certified in CPR and are trained in Ocean Rescue and First Aid. They also provide safety instructions at the beginning of each lesson, monitor weather and water conditions, and always stay within a safe proximity of the group when in the water.

Yes, our surf lessons are available for children. However, for their safety and best learning experience, we do have a minimum age requirement. Children participating in our surf lessons must be at least five years old and should also possess basic swimming skills. This ensures that they’re able to comfortably and safely enjoy their time in the water.

Our normal practice is to have a ratio of one instructor to a maximum of five students for group lessons. This policy allows us to maintain a high standard of instruction and safety for all participants.

In case of unsuitable weather or surf conditions, we will prioritize your safety above all else. You will then have the choice to either reschedule your lesson at your earliest convenience or receive a full refund. We are committed to ensuring our lessons are conducted under safe, enjoyable conditions for all participants.