Looking for a Great Surf Lesson?

Unfortunately, Mission Beach Surf School is not offering private kiteboarding lesson for beginners, intermediate and advanced students at this time.

Our kite surfing lesson programs are tailored and performance based, so each student can learn at his or her own pace and comfort level.

Kite boarding lessons are mainly done in 3-4 parts. Please allow yourself plenty of time if you want to learn how to kite board as it is an intense and detailed sport. During your lesson we provide you with the latest high tech equipment. Our friendly and fun instructors are experienced in all levels of instruction and PASA certified.

Most kitesurfing lessons are completed in 3-4 days and cover the following:

Introduction to kite control

The fastest and safest way to learn kite boarding is to develop solid safe and sound boarding skills and techniques . Your will start your private lesson on the beach/land with a 4 line Bow kite where you will learn equipment knowledge and safety. How to correctly set up the kite boarding kite and practice flying in and out of the power zone, launching, fly, loop, hover and landing, these techniques must be mastered before you start your water body dragging lesson. Kite control looks easy but you must master this before learning the second part of kite boarding. This lesson is a perfect start for those persons looking for Kite boarding, Kite surfing, Kite snowboarding or Kite land boarding skills. The introductory part is done in the one day course.

The second part of a kitesurfing lesson

Is done with an inflatable kite to learn control and safety. You will apply the skills you learned in your intro lesson so you can maneuver through the power zone with an inflatable kite. You will learn safety systems, Site selection, Rigging and Breakdown, Hooking in and out of Harness, Equipment care and safety rules. Those who are ready will also move into part three of their lesson.

The third part will cover water skills

In this lesson you will practice body dragging upwind, launching the kite from the water, re-launching, self rescue and self landing skills and Safety release.

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 To book a private kitesurfing lesson please send an email to or contact us on 858 488 2685.

Cancellation and booking policy

Our one Day courses must be booked in advance and can be broken up into two, 2 hour lessons or or two 3 hour lessons depending on the course that you choose. We highly recommend that if you book a 4 hour course that you complete it in one day. Should conditions not be favorable the remaining portion of your lesson will be credited towards the next session. Please note that unused parts of your lessons are non-refundable unless the wind conditions are not ideal for learning then the unused portion of your lesson will be credited towards your next session or refunded less a $25 processing fee. No shows for any lessons will not be issued a refund- no exceptions.