Looking for a surf school in San Diego? Here’s why Pacific Surf is the best choice

June 21, 2019
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There are multiple reasons why Pacific Surf is one of the most awarded surf schools in San Diego. Simply continue reading to discover some of these for yourself below.

Looking for a surf school in San Diego this summer? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Pacific Surf, we pride ourselves on being a trusted provider of surf lessons, surf camps, and surf-related activities. On top of this, we’re also a pretty cool bunch of people who believe that surfing is as much about having fun. Also, it is about living a healthy lifestyle. This unique approach to surf instructing has, therefore, made us one of, if not the most popular surf school in San Diego.

So, if standing up on a surfboard is on your bucket list but you’re not sure which school to side with. Here’s a few different reasons why Pacific Surf is perfectly positioned to help make your surfing dream a reality.

We are an established surf school

We’re not a Johnny-come-lately surf school. In fact, our founder and an all-around good guy, Emiliano Abate, first established Pacific Surf back in 1997. This means we’ve been in operation for a whopping 22 years while countless other surf schools in the area have come and gone.

Given our longevity, we’re able to claim that we know a thing or two about getting people on their feet. In fact, we’re so confident we can turn anyone into a surfer that we even offer a “Stand Up” guarantee. Something that’s definitely worth considering for everyone looking for a surf school in San Diego.

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We believe in the healing power of surfing

We learn to surf because we’re curious, and many continue surfing because it’s an absolute ball. But here at Pacific Surf, we find that surfing offers a range of different benefits which extend beyond its playtime appeal. Among these is the ability for surfing to be beneficial for our spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

This approach makes Pacific Surf the perfect option if you’re looking for a surf school in San Diego. As, it offers an atypical experience, as opposed to the cookie cutter surf lessons you may have had before. It also helps us foster a learning experience that’s designed to alleviate your stress and get you more in touch with nature.

We are community-focused

Pacific Surf doesn’t exist within the San Diego community – we are the San Diego community. As such, we welcome people from all backgrounds and skill levels who are genuinely interested in learning to surf. With our efforts regularly recognized in the form of merits and honors awarded by local organizations.

In 2007, for example, our sister school Surfer Girls was awarded Coolest Surf Camp by the Travel Channel. On the other hand, Pacific Surf itself was honored with San Diego’s Best General Interest and Recreational School in the reader’s poll by the San Diego Union-Tribune.

We offer both yoga and stand up paddle boarding lessons

 If you’re looking for a surf school in San Diego that offers something extra, Pacific Surf right up your alley. The reason is that we also offer both yoga and stand up paddle boarding classes to interested parties. Two activities that will no doubt improve your fitness and enhance the overall learn to surf experience.

Our yoga classes are part of our yoga, surf, and fitness retreat in San Diego. With open-air classes, restorative sessions, plus guided meditation in the morning or afternoon are all offered. Stand up paddle boarding can be arranged as a private, semi-private, or group lesson. The benefits of which include helping you refine your balance, increase strength, and take your surfing to the next level.

Want an authentic learning to surf experience in Southern California? Then get in touch with our surf school in San Diego today. Contact us at Mission Beach directly for more info or book online.

By Lachland Cambell


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