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Personalized Surfing Experience at Mission Beach Surfing School

Mission Beach Surfing School offers private lessons for people interested in learning to surf. These lessons are suitable for both beginners and experts as they offer increased privacy and a chance to learn at your own pace. 

Our private surf lessons are designed to meet the needs of individual learners and come with great customization options, including the ability to choose a flexible schedule.  Also, private lessons allow the learner to get the full attention of the instructor, thus offering a higher sense of security and allowing learners to form better connections with the instructors. 

We have a team of highly trained professionals who will guide you through the ins and outs of surfing. All our instructors are professionals with years of experience and training, including specific training in teaching techniques. Furthermore, they have received LifeGuard training, CPR AID training, and Water Safety Specialization training.

Dive into San Diego's Surfing Adventure for All Ages and Skill Levels

Our school is ideally located at some of the most incredible beaches in the city, including Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, and La Jolla. This allows us to offer the best private surf lessons in San Diego. During your surf lessons, you will not only get a chance to learn to surf but also to experience the surrounding areas and have a good time.

The beach offers Instagram-worthy backdrops, stunning sand, lively walkaways, parks, and more. Take a stroll to enjoy delicious meals or join a party whenever you feel like it. There are local and international cuisines offering delicious meals and entertainment avenues for people of all ages.

We cater to all kinds of surfers and offer special attention to young and senior learners and people with no experience. Our aim is to make surfing accessible to everyone and make it fun and easy to get on the surfboard. All lessons are detailed and include everything from understanding the different types of waves to choosing the surfboard to learning to perform different maneuvers safely and carefully.

You will begin your surf lesson with land instruction covering topics on

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/ per person
one-on-one Surf Lesson. Perfect Option for the surfer that is looking for a tailored lesson to meet you Surf level needs.



/ per person
Perfect Option For smaller groups of 2-3 people



/ per person
Group surf lesson
with 4-5 people


One free Surf Lesson when you purchase in a package






Our four lesson package was created for you to learn the basics of surfing and develop your surfing skills. Our instructors will teach you the fundamentals of surfing including how to paddle, pop-up and maintain balance while surfing. Advance from surfing the white wash to surfing the glassy part of a wave and learn proper surfing etiquette.​

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Surf Lessons

We have instructors on the beach teaching surf lessons every day of the week from Monday to Sunday.

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Surf Camp

Let your children have amazing new experiences, make new friends, create lasting memories and experiences.

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Stand Up Paddle

Stand up paddle board is a great alternative to surfing and boating for people of all ages.


Private surf lessons are one-on-one surf lessons where you get undivided attention from our experienced and certified instructors. These lessons can be completely tailored to your surfability and personal goals, allowing for a highly personalized and effective learning experience.

Taking a private surf lesson offers several benefits over a group surf lesson. It allows for personalized instruction based on your skill level and specific needs, which can accelerate your progress. You also get more time to practice as you don’t have to share waves with others. Additionally, it’s ideal for those who are not comfortable in group settings or prefer more personalized attention from the instructor.

Yes, it is possible! If you feel more comfortable or find it enjoyable to learn together with a friend or family member, we can arrange for a semi-private surf lesson. While you’ll still reap the benefits of personalized instruction, sharing this experience can indeed make it more fun!

Absolutely, private surf lessons are suitable for all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner looking to stand up on your first wave or an intermediate surfer looking to advance your skills, our instructors can tailor the lessons to fit your needs and help you reach your personal surfing goals.

A typical private surf lesson is 90 minutes long. This duration includes time on the beach for instruction and practice, as well as plenty of waves to ride in the water.

Yes, surf lessons are indeed available for children. However, the minimum age requirement for surf lessons is five years old, and all children should be able to swim before taking lessons.

Yes, the cost of the private surf lesson includes equipment rentals. We provide everything you need such as the surfboard, wetsuit, UV Protection, Rash Guard and Leash.

We prioritize safety above everything at Mission Beach Surf School. All of our instructors are Red Cross certified in CPR and trained in Ocean Rescue and First Aid. They are experienced and highly skilled in teaching proper surfing techniques and ensuring a secure environment. Furthermore, they provide personalized attention to ensure students are safe and comfortable throughout the lesson. Remember, one-on-one surf lessons are especially beneficial as the instructor can closely monitor your progress and safety.