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At Mission Beach Surfing Lessons we offer beginner and intermediate surf lessons in Ocean Beach for surfers of all ages. Our surfing lessons in San Diego was voted "Travels Choice Award " over 7 years in a row.

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Ocean Beach

Mission Beach Surf School is open all year offering surf lessons in Ocean Beach daily. With many different options for surf lesson types, Ocean Beach is a great surf spot to learn how to surf.

We tailor your lesson depending on your group or individual needs. Choose from Private surf lessons, Semi-Private surf lessons for 2-3 people or even Group surf lessons for groups over 4 people.

Every one of our instructors are CPR certified, Lifeguard trained, and are Certified in Open Water Safety. Learning to surf with our professional surf instructors is fun and safe! We guarantee you will be standing up on a surfboard by the end of your surf lesson and even INCLUDE all of your surfing equipment. Contact us now!

You will begin your surf lesson with land instruction covering topics on

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/ per person
one-on-one Surf Lesson. Perfect Option for the surfer that is looking for a tailored lesson to meet you Surf level needs.



/ per person
Perfect Option For smaller groups of 2-3 people



/ per person
Group surf lesson
with 4-5 people


One free Surf Lesson when you purchase in a package






Our four lesson package was created for you to learn the basics of surfing and develop your surfing skills. Our instructors will teach you the fundamentals of surfing including how to paddle, pop-up and maintain balance while surfing.
Advance from surfing the white wash to surfing the glassy part of a wave and learn proper surfing etiquette.

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Surf Lessons

We have instructors on the beach teaching surf lessons every day of the week from Monday to Sunday.

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Surf Camp

Let your children have amazing new experiences, make new friends, create lasting memories and experiences.

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Stand Up Paddle

Stand up paddle board is a great alternative to surfing and boating for people of all ages.


Yes, the surf lessons at Ocean Beach are perfectly suitable for beginners. Our instructors have a wealth of experience teaching first-timers, and they use proven methods to help beginners build confidence and skills in the water.

The best surf conditions in Ocean Beach typically occur in the morning. This is before the wind tends to pick up and when the tide is just right. However, you should always check the daily surf reports for up-to-date information.

Ocean Beach offers fantastic surf conditions, especially for longboarding and beginners. However, there are also other excellent surf spots in the area, including Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and La Jolla, that you may wish to check out, each with their unique surf conditions.

Ocean Beach is known for a variety of wave conditions suitable for most types of boards. For beginners, we typically recommend longboards because they provide good stability and are easier to stand up on.

Surfers are always required to follow common surfing etiquette to maintain safety and respect for everyone in the water. Additionally, different areas of the beach may have specific rules and regulations regarding surfing, such as designated swimming or surfing zones, so be sure to check local guidelines or ask a lifeguard if you’re unsure.

The length of time it takes to learn to surf can vary greatly from person to person and is depending on several factors, including your comfort in the water, physical fitness, balance, and how often you practice. With regular practice and the right instruction, many beginners can start catching waves on their own within a few lessons. However, mastering all the subtleties and techniques of surfing can take a significant amount of practice and persistence.

For a surf lesson, we provide all the necessary equipment including the surfboard, wetsuit, rash guard, and leash. You should bring a bathing suit to wear underneath your wetsuit, a towel, sunscreen to protect your skin, and water or snacks as needed. It’s also a good idea to bring a change of clothes and a positive attitude!

Yes, surf lessons are available for children at Ocean Beach. We generally recommend that children be at least 5 years old and should be able to swim to start taking surf lessons for their safety and comfort. Our instructors are experienced in teaching children of all ages.

Ocean Beach offers a diverse range of wave conditions suitable for both beginner and experienced surfers. Ocean Beach also tends to be less crowded than some other popular surfing areas in San Diego, providing a more relaxed environment for learning. The beautiful setting and community atmosphere in Ocean Beach is another added benefit.

Absolutely! Besides its fantastic surf, Ocean Beach offers plenty to see and do. You can explore the Ocean Beach Pier, dine at local seafood restaurants, browse the unique shops, check out the Farmer’s Market if you’re around on a Wednesday, or just relax and enjoy the beach.

The cancellation policy for surf lessons can vary. It’s best to check our website or contact us directly for the most accurate information regarding cancellation and refund policies.

Yes, all of the instructors at Ocean Beach Surf School are certified professionals. They are Red Cross certified in CPR and trained in Ocean Rescue and First Aid.

Yes, we certainly offer surf lessons for children. As previously mentioned, the recommended minimum age to start lessons is typically 5 years old, and the child should be able to swim for safety and comfort. Lessons can be scheduled by contacting us directly or booking online through our website.