Why group surf lessons are great

February 9, 2023
Group Surf Lessons in San Diego

One of the best things about surfing is the ability to enjoy group surf lessons. While some prefer individual lessons, a large number of people opt for group lessons due to the perks they offer. In this article, we’ll talk about why it may be a good idea to get enrolled in group classes.

Let’s get started:

Group Surf Lessons Are More Affordable

Group Surf Lessons

Individual surf lessons come with great benefits, including one-on-one time with your instructor; however, they are also very expensive. Group lessons can be a great way to bring the price down. They offer similar benefits, including the ability to ask questions and get access to free equipment, but at a reduced rate.

You Will Get to Socialize and Have Fun

Girls Surfing

Surfing in groups can be a great way to make new friends and mingle with like minded people.

Surfing is fun in all forms – whether surfing with a group or alone – but we can’t deny the fact that it gets more interesting when you are surrounded by other eager learners.

Plus, not everyone has a partner to learn with and some people are not interested in solo lessons as they need someone by their side. Being in a group means you will never be alone and will always have someone to talk to and share your apprehensions and journey with. Our groups end up being a ‘family’ as we pay attention to everyone and encourage a positive environment.

Someone Will Keep You Motivated

There are few things as exciting as watching someone show surfing tricks. When in a group, you will come across people of different abilities, including some with surfing experience. We try our best to make groups exciting and include people with different experiences so they can learn from each other.

New learners can listen to the stories of other learners and how they managed to learn to surf and the challenges they faced. You can also watch others fail until they succeed, thus pushing you to not give up.

They Offer a Sense of Safety

This might sound a little surprising to some but group lessons offer more security or, at least, a sense of security. This is because you will be surrounded by people. This can prove to be beneficial for people who are afraid of trying new things.

Who Are Group Lessons For?

We think group surf lessons are suitable for all kinds of learners, especially first time surfers who do not have much experience surfing. Being a part of a group can push people to put their best foot forward and continue to learn. You’re more likely to miss lessons if you are the only one in the class. However, learning in a group will keep you coming back.

Also, groups can be suitable for couples, family members, or friends who want to learn together. Get in touch with us today to know more about group classes and our packages.


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