Giant Wave Surfing: Is It Difficult For Beginners?

April 20, 2022

There are a lot of amazing places like Mavericks’ Half Moon Bay, Jaws’ Peahi, and Nazare. These are some of the finest places on the world map for a big-size wave surfing for a longer period. Over a period of time, giant wave surfers developed the latest training methods. And also brands for the big size waves together with the security equipment utilized. While you are taking hands-on exercises with Pacific Beach surf lessons, you can easily rectify the strategies to be utilized for each & every wave type. However, at the end of the day, what matters the most is getting back safely to your house. So, let’s discuss surfing strategies to implement for the giant waves:

Learn To Measure the Waves 

It is quite subjective every single time and can be different as per the location. But the big wave surfing is always the scary one with so much ocean moving towards your surfing board with an ocean is the sole in­-charge. If you get hit by a big wave then you will get disorientated with a huge impact like truck hits you forcefully.

Surfing is kind of a small size community & the big wave surfing is even tinier. Although while learning to surf the big waves with San Diego Surfing lessons, you don’t have to feel worried.. Each & everyone looks out for the other person if he or she is in danger, thus showcasing some real bond between all of them.

Big Wave Surfing Disciplines

Majorly there are two big wave surfing disciplines that you may need to follow:

  • The Paddle Big wave surfing
  • Tow-in Surfing 

Let’s discuss each of them one after the other.

The Paddle Big wave surfing

Surfer has to make use of his arms to easily paddle into the correct position on the waves. It is a traditional method.

Tow-in surfing

This method implements a jet-ski as well as tow rope in order to tow surfer into the waves. At the time of a big-size wave, you will be moving faster. Therefore, it becomes almost impossible for the beginner to paddle at a similar speed. As per the given condition, you may need a jet ski, even at the time of paddling to catch the waves. A jet ski can play a significant role in order to perform rescues after the heavy wipe-outs. 

So, which is more dangerous, significantly?

The tow-in boards come into the category of shorter & heavier boards. With so much weight, they can easily keep the surfboard in the water and you won’t feel any bumps.

On the other hand, paddleboards are larger and give you more buoyancy to get on the board quickly & down the wave as they don’t flex much.

One of the most important things you can do is to go with the flow & go all floppy as you can’t fight it. However, Surfing Classes San Diego recommends you wear flotation equipment & other safety devices. Wipe-outs may last up to 40 seconds but you should be trained enough to hold your breath in the right manner.

For all such reasons, big wave surfing is not cool for beginners, until you are well trained or prepared to go in this scenario.


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