How To Surf A 100-Foot Wave (And Live To Tell About It)

June 8, 2022

Most of us know that giant waves are a special phenomenon, which will blow you away! And they fascinate surfers, who want to catch one. While surfing tactics could vary on the basis of how big a wave is, there is a lot being said about how the waves behave in different places. 

For example, there may be times when hundreds of surfers are watching the perilous backwash at Pacific Beach. On another note, Mission Beach features numerous types of surf conditions at the same time and makes it difficult for surfers to focus on their game.

No doubt, the waves that are giant in size are very scary too. But, at the end of the day, it’s a great experience for a surfing enthusiast. If you have decided to catch one of these great waves in your life or maybe you want to make yourself familiar with this kind of surfing, then you have landed up at the right place.

This post will unwrap some of the exciting facts about BIG waves and how to make them your best fun spot.

Get Skills To Measure The Waves


Sensing the waves and learning to measure them with pacific beach surf lessons is the most recurring task for the surfers. It is never going to be a simple task as you may think of it. Surfing in an ocean means hitting against the huge oceanic forces. And making sure you can balance your surfboard with perfect skills. 

Big Wave Surfing Disciplines

Surfing giant waves are comparable to long-distance running one step at a time. As well as skiing downhill as opposed to any other mode of transportation. So, if you are lacking in any technique and skills, there is a significant chance to get injured. Because of the quick and forceful impact. Well, those who have been practicing the activities will surely tell that it is all about the right timing and having the right balance. While you are surfing in the midst of a big-sized wave.

However, if you are a newbie, getting into a pacific surf school at pacific beach is the right way to kick start your passion.

As we all know, giant waves are challenging and efficient for almost any surfer. It is not easy to learn how to surf in such massive waves. But what you need is a better mindset towards the learning process. That will make it easier to face the challenges of these big waves.

Primarily, there is two main categories for Giant Disciplines:

1. The Paddle Big wave surfing

This is the most traditional way to paddle. The surfer uses his arms to paddle into the correct position on the wave. Hand placement and technique are important to get good speed. But often the best way to learn is just to start paddling and see what happens.

To ensure maximum efficiency, use the hand brake to hold the yolk in the hands and press the right leg forward. Surfer should place the right hand on top of the left hand. And both arms should be brought back parallel with the water surface.

2. Tow-in Surfing

Tow-in surfing is a variant of a “dual sport” sea kayaking technique. It is the mixture of both bodyboarding and kiteboarding. With the use of a jet-ski to create the traction needed to ride waves much larger than were previously rideable on a single surfboard.

In short, tow-in surfing is a method that implements a jet-ski and tow rope as well.  The overwhelming speed of the wave may cause your paddle to decrease. And this might prevent you from catching up. Therefore, a jet ski can be a great help to catch up the pace with ease. This helps in performing rescues after heavy wipeouts and also reaching desired locations at faster speeds.

Final Take Away

Giant wave surfing has now become one of the most thrilling extreme sports for water lovers. Many people dream of surfing giant waves. The idea is exciting, the challenge sounds interesting. Also, it is a big motivation for beginners to develop this kind of sport or hobby.

If you are thinking about to practice, make sure you are ready to join the biggest surfers who have made it in this world and whose names are printed in the Guinness World Records book. 

Choose a professional mentor or a pacific surf school pacific beach and taste each moment till the final one that you would never forget for your entire life.


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