What To Expect From Surf Camp

November 16, 2022
What to expect from surf camp

Imagine sitting in the sand after spending a day out on the boardwalk, watching as three surfers paddle out, their arms moving swiftly through the water as they rise up and down with the tide. They’ll disappear in the distance then reemerge, skimming across a barrel wave. The speed, the drop, the way swing their legs–it’ll lure you in. You’ll want to try, and you should try. Surfing is a blast. It’s a rush of adrenaline, a way to relax and ease your mind, and it’s very rewarding.

Surfers tend to make it look easy. They’ll affect the right posture, balance themselves on their boards, and maneuver through the water, like they were born offshore. But perfecting those techniques–especially standing–can take months, if not years, and you have to start out by learning to paddle, sit on your board, and pop-up. That takes constant practice. You don’t have to become a beach bum, spending every waking second on the water, but you do have to put in the effort, go out as much as you can, and learn the basic hazards that every surfer faces.

Surfing isn’t just a sport; it’s a lifestyle, one that comes with its own culture, etiquette, even a schedule of tides and swells, all of which you’ll have to learn, right along with the basics of balance and swimming.

If you want to ride the waves with the rest, you’ll need a good instructor, someone experienced who can show you all of the dangers and all of the tricks you’ll need to paddle out safely. That’s why it’s such a good idea to try out surf camp in San Diego, where the culture is centered around beach life. Locals there thrive on both land and sea. They spend their lives–not between four walls, but on the beach, sitting around bonfires, paddling out morning and evening. They know the water better than anyone else, and they’ll pass that knowledge on to you.

Sunshine Surf Camp

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Surf Camp San Diego: A Fun and Safe Way For Kids To Learn

Surf Camp San Diego offers the best surf camp in Sad Diego for both beginner and intermediate surfers between the ages of 7-17. Kids can learn to hone their technique, refine their pop-up, maneuver the waves, or simply balance themselves on your board. All of the instructors are certified lifeguards and surf instructors, and they’re also certified in CPR and CRT.

Beginner lessons will start on land. Children will learn about the dangers of the ocean, starting with riptides, maneuvering the current, potential hazards on the ocean floor, and marine life. They’ll move to board dynamics and dimensions, how to choose a surf board, and everything need to know about the board itself. They’ll learn some of the do’s don’t of surfing, and they’ll practice that all-important pop-up position.

There’s a lot for beginners to learn, and it’s not all just maneuvering and standing. The idea is to give beginners a basic overview of what they need to know before they paddle out onto the water. This will help keep them safe before they get wet.

When they do go out on the water, kids will do what’s called, “riding the foam.” They’ll stick close to the shore, riding the momentum of the frothy sea foam that washes against the sand. Instructors will stick by them–never taking on more than 4 students at once–and give them pointers to help them stand up and maintain their balance.

Schedules and Pricing

Surf Camp San Diego is quite affordable, and it’s setup to allow parents to choose the schedule that fits them best. There are three options to choose from:

Five day students will receive a t-shirt, a pizza party on Friday, and they’ll be allowed to take part in a surf competition, setting themselves apart from their peers. Parents won’t have to purchase expensive equipment. Surf boards, leashes, and rashguards are provided, which significantly reduces the cost.

Lessons are safe, personal, and they’re quite easy. Children should be able to stand up on their boards once they’ve completed the requisite amount of hours. But surf camp is not a replacement for general lessons. They’re meant to be a quick introduction or a refresher for those who have already mastered the basics. It’s recommended that students start out with Surf Camp San Diego before moving on to personal surf lessons.

Waves in Surf Camp

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Surf n’ Stay

Surfing has long been exclusive practiced by those who live near the coast. If you don’t have a house near the beach, you can’t get out on the water, and it’s a shame. Everyone should be able to ride the waves at least once. It’s the ultimate thrill. That’s what Surf n’ Stay is for. It gives adult tourists from landlocked regions a chance to learn the basics and paddle out.

It’s more than just a surf camp. San Diego visitors will stay at the Blue Sea Beach Hotel and Spa in Pacific Beach, close to the boardwalk, where they’ll find shopping, restaurants, and and endless beach party. They’ll also have access to bike rentals, which will allow them to explore the area.

There will be daily 90-minute lessons with instructors, and surf equipment will also be included for the duration of the stay. Once you’ve finished your session, you can grab your board and practice what you’ve learned.

The package also includes yoga lessons, perfect for those who would like to obtain the all-important mental state necessary to staying underwater. There’s also a paddleboarding session available. Students will have the chance to paddleboard peaceful Mission Bay, aiding in the balance necessary to stand up on a board.

Surf n’ Stay is also perfect as a staycation. San Diego residents can book accommodations, dive into the sport and book surfing lessons so they can refine their skills after camp is over. They’ll receive an initial, immersive boost and the complete lessons they’ll need to boost their skills, allowing them to become a full-fledged surfers. 


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