Which Is The Best Fit For You To Learn How To Surf: A Larger Surfboard Or a Smaller One?

April 18, 2022
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Surfing is not easy as it seems but you need to be well-trained and use the right kind of equipment with a higher amount of patience & perseverance. Experts of San Diego Surf Camp teaches everything which is really important for your learning process. Right from the surfer, to the beach, to the coach, to the temperature of the water and the winds everything matters a lot.

San Diego Surf Camp

The Surf schools across the world usually have the long boards or top fun boards in order to teach the beginners. Do you know the reason behind it? Well, the amount of foam utilized in the fun boards creates more and more Buoyancy & flotation. Thus making it very easier for anyone to learn. In the case of first waves, making use of a board that can paddle easily is significantly impressive. In the case of a soft-top board, a surfer will feel confident in the open water. And comes with more flotation as compared to a normal PU surfboard (Also, known as Fiberglass surfboards, the regular boards that most surfers grew up with).

How comfortable it is to make a transition to the shorter-size surfboards?

When it comes to making a transition the coach can help you a lot to take this decision. And San Diego Surfing School can assist you in this regard with the next level of surfing.

The decision of transition can be based upon the following things:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Surfing goals, and
  • Enjoyment level as well as the rate of improvement needed 

Surfing is one such tough sport for you to consider. In the beginning, the faster you are in picking up the things in direct proportion to the total number of waves you are catching. Therefore, the better will be the learning rate. Sometimes, it is all about the wave counts, the more the waves the better will be the learning process. However, external factors like the coaching methods implemented and the learning environment used are also crucial. There are a few things that you can’t control. Like water temperature, it is easier to learn in warm places as compared to colder ones.

Choosing the correct surfing school

One of the most important things you need to do is to choose the correct school and a camp for learning to surf in open water. There are numerous options present in the market but only a few ones are reliable and strong enough to fulfill all your needs. You can check out the certifications, overall experience they have. And most of their reviews or testimonials about the learning strategies or methods to be implemented. This is something you can ask from the other learners or beginners. After considering so many things, you need to decide whether or not to choose any particular surf school in your area.

Sometimes it’s better to drive a few miles as compared to selecting any place nearer to your house. Because the learning curve can be different every single time.

At last, you need to keep your mind and soul free from worries. Also give your best at every single stage of learning to get improved. 


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